Lovely Lavender Bulb Garden

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Product Code: OP2072
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March 08, 2016

What’s more soothing than a lovely bulb garden of lavender beauties like tulips, hyacinth and crocus? Remind someone special of the refreshing springtime days ahead with this delightful garden in various hues of vibrant purple. They’ll love to watch this pretty spring garden sprout before their eyes.

  • 6 Blue Ribbon tulip bulbs
  • 2 Miss Saigon hyacinth bulbs
  • 6 King of the Striped crocus bulbs
  • Includes our exclusively designed Purple Polka Dot Hat Box
  • Arrives with bulbs sprouting just above the moss top dressing
  • When bloomed gift stands 16 to 18" tall
  • Will bloom in 2 to 4 weeks on arrival
  • Individual varieties may grow and bloom at different rates
  • Care instruction included

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